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Queen Shop

queen shop 不是衣服牌子.而是台湾一个服饰店的名字.卖的都是一些外贸的或者米奇的衣服.台湾人都喜欢拿店名来定店里衣服的风格.还有很多什么meow meow,miusa,小猪儿,等等.都是.他们在内地一般都没专卖店的/.可是在网上卖得很火...价格都很便宜噢~

queen attitude什么牌子?

QUEEN ATTITUDE MASCARA VOLUME & LENGTH IN A SIDEWAY SWEEP, CLEOPATRA STYLE! Inspired by Cleopatra, the queen of beauty herself, the NEW Queen Attitude mascara has been designed to volumise and lengthen your lashes in a sideway sweep, Cleopatra-style! Perfect for creating a wide-eyed look, its lash-directing bristles are angled in such a way so as to stretch lashes towards the outer corners to enlarge and open up the eyes. Its volumising and lengthening formula is gentle and soft making it easy to coat the lashes and create the sideway sweep. Unleash the beauty queen in you! Enriched with beeswax, its creamy, easy-to-use formula guarantees no clumps and is easy to remove. Available in a deep and intense black shade. Tested for you!** The mascara volumises and opens up the eyes: 91% agree. Lashes are lengthened and stretched outwards: 97% agree Good to know: the formula is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and contains natural waxes. Paraben-free, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


我经常在拼多多上买衣服的。 至于那家店好。 要看你买什么衣服了。



HOPE组合唱《少年》时 赵谨俨穿的那类衣服叫什么,求助